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Why should my brand consider using Social Media AR or WebAR?

Your brand can easily improve its market position with the help of Social AR and WebAR. Although Social AR and WebAR are significantly different from each other, they provide all the necessary avenues needed for a brand to jump in and make an impact.

What are Social AR and WebAR experiences?

Custom Social AR and WebAR experiences allow brands to promote products and services using interactive methods that are far more convincing compared to traditional social media marketing practices.

What is Social AR?

Social AR involves the use of augmented reality experiences within a social media application.

To use a Social AR experience, the user needs to download the said social media app and then sign up for an account. 

Brands love to build AR experiences on social media apps since the number of daily active users on these apps is much higher.

What is WebAR?

WebAR deploys augmented reality experiences on a browser usually hosted on the brand’s website or an alternate website whose domain is owned by the brand.

To use a WebAR experience, the user does not need to download an app or sign up to a service.

Brands love to build augmented reality experiences on the web since it allows for more control over the project’s workflow and is not limited by social media platform limitations.

Advantages of using Social AR and WebAR

Social AR and WebAR hold significant advantages over traditional social media marketing methods.

Although we do not recommend giving up on SMM entirely, we do suggest using augmented reality experiences to test out alternative marketing strategies for your brand.

Interactive experiences with Social AR and WebAR

With traditional marketing, you are limited to content that has its own destiny. The media, caption and call to action are all set in stone.

For augmented reality experiences, users can interact with the brand’s offering to see various different results.

AR experiences on Instagram and Tik Tok can be created in various ways to supplement usage for the best results:

  1. Games and quizzes for users to score points or understand more about a brand.

  2. Beauty and fashion effects to try out a product before buying.

  3. Placement effects to see how furniture will fit with your home’s interiors.

This makes for fun storytelling and allows for repeated usage where the user can keep coming back to be acquainted with the brand.

Think of AR experiences where the user gets to be the hero rather than the side character reading the news with traditional content.

User generated content and word of mouth marketing with AR

Users can capture or record videos for their augmented reality experiences. This leads to user generated content, commonly abbreviated as UGC.

There’s a distinct advantage to user generated content. UGC which is shared becomes pieces of advertisement for your brand that others can witness, experience and build trust with the brand.

Product try ons and home comfort experiences

If you sell products in the fashion, beauty, interior or tech industries then AR product try-ons can easily let users try out products in their own environment before committing to a purchase.

This reduces the second guessing on how a product will look and builds user trust. You can easily test for multiple products to see the best performing experiences and how they bring in sales.

If you would like to improve your market position, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are an XR studio specializing in Social AR effects and would love to guide you!


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