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About Us

Oraar Studio is London based, founded by innovative experts, specialises in transforming brand visions into reality. From multi-dimensional campaigns to immersive audience experiences and interactive social effects, we turn your concepts into tangible results.

Our Creative Founders.

At Oraar Studio, we pride ourselves on having a diverse, global team that spans across Europe and Asia, bringing together a wealth of experiences and perspectives. Our team culture is deeply rooted in a commitment to research and development, with a keen focus on testing and integrating new technologies. Our constant push for new ideas means we can give our clients really advanced and unique solutions.


We believe in the power of collaboration, creativity, and technology to create extraordinary experiences. Our team members are not just skilled professionals but are passionate innovators who strive to redefine the standards of digital engagement. Together, we are dedicated to exploring the unknown, breaking down barriers, and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Josephine Miller

Josephine is the Creative Director and Co-founder of Oraar Studio, transforming customer experiences by designing innovative solutions for brands. With a specialty in XR and AR, she is a pioneer in discovering new workflows to fuse technology and creativity in unprecedented ways from 3D, XR to having a relationship with Meta and OpenAI on AI creative solutions.

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Co-Founder & CTO

Kavin Kumar

Kavin as CTO and Co-founder of Oraar Studio, is devoted to turning innovative concepts into reality through strategic collaborations with leading brands. Having launched his career in Social XR in 2018 and with over 200 Social AR campaigns to his credit, he has successfully crafted engaging experiences for industry leaders such as Zara, Tesco, HBO, Meta, and Universal Music.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where community and communication fuel our creativity, enabling us to develop accessible solutions for everyone. We believe in a world where technology bridges gaps and fosters connections, making it easier for people to share experiences and ideas.

We're dedicated to making our vision a reality by:

  • Empowering brands: We help brands to captivate their audiences through immersive extended reality experiences, enhancing their engagement and creating meaningful interactions.

  • Creating accessibility: Our solutions are designed to be accessible to all, breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of location, can enjoy our innovative experiences.

  • Fostering community and communication: We leverage the power of technology to inspire and facilitate connections, encouraging communities to come together and share in the joy of new discoveries and experiences.

By staying true to our vision, we aim to redefine the landscape of digital engagement, creating a world where technology enhances human connections and brings people closer together.

Our Values

Our core values drive us to be pioneers in extended reality. We embrace innovation and creativity, delivering unique and memorable solutions through collaborative efforts. Our commitment to accessibility and quality ensures that our immersive experiences are inclusive and exceptional. We prioritize user-centric design and sustainability in our processes, aiming to empower brands and individuals while making a positive impact on the world.

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