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How can Social AR help boost my sales and conversions?

Social AR can boost sales and conversions when it’s well integrated into an augmented reality campaign.

AR campaigns can provide better interactivity compared to traditional marketing campaigns and therefore help build user trust faster.

What is Social AR?

Social AR is an augmented reality experience that can be used on social media apps. These AR experiences are lightweight, hosted on the app’s servers and are highly interactive.

Platforms that use Social AR

These are the platforms that currently utilise Social AR:

  1. Instagram

  2. Facebook

  3. Snapchat

  4. Tik Tok

Why Social AR for marketing purposes?

Social AR experiences are cost effective and are easier to build and deploy when compared with WebAR or standalone mobile apps for iOS and Android.

“The number of social media users worldwide has swelled to a record 4.9 billion people globally. What's more, this number is expected to jump to approximately 5.85 billion users by 2027.” - Forbes

Social media apps have billions of daily active users and effectively create a system where content can reach millions of people in a day.

This is where Social AR shines. A highly effective campaign can easily boost sales and conversions for your brand.

Different strategies for improving sales and conversions with Social AR

Different strategies for Social AR

Here are some of our favourite strategies you can use to improve sales and conversions for your brand.

Product try on for building trust

Users can try your products in AR before making a buying decision. This allows you to create hyper realistic AR models that users can try.

Here are some industries that leverage Social AR for product try-ons:

  1. Beauty and cosmetics

  2. Fashion and clothing

  3. Food and fine dining

  4. Furniture and appliances

  5. Tech and gadgets

Offering discounts and incentives via Social AR

Your AR campaigns can include mini games and quizzes where the user is rewarded with a discount code or limited time offer.

Users can then use the code to buy on your brand’s website or store (online or physical).

Since the conversions can be tracked using your store’s discount codes, it is easy to gauge the impact of Social AR in your marketing campaigns.

The same can be used for hosting giveaways where the user can interact with an AR experience to receive an entry code which can then be used to enter their name and email address. This way, they do not have to purchase anything and yet be a part of your emailing list.

You can also repeat this process to invite users to exclusive events in a city. This can be done via a quiz that involves questions related to your product and the city in which the event is held. Users who get the most answers will receive a code they can use to enter on you campaign page to get access.

Leveraging festive seasons and UGC

You can launch AR campaigns during festive seasons where the focus is on creating user generated content for users to share with their followers.

This effectively increases your reach and improves brand awareness while also encouraging users to be a part of your Social AR campaign.

If you would like to implement Social AR in your marketing campaigns, get in touch with us and we will offer custom solutions that are best suited to your brand’s goals and objectives.


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