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What Steps are Involved in Creating Custom AR Experiences?

At Oraar, our approach to creating custom AR experiences for brands unfolds through the following phases:

  1. Discovery Call: We delve into understanding your brand's essence and its unique aspects.

  2. Consultation Call: We grasp your specific requirements to craft the most fitting AR experience tailored for your brand.

  3. Contract Stage: Following alignment on vision and direction, we formalize the collaboration through a mutually agreed contract.

  4. Development Stage: This is where our team dedicates itself to developing your augmented reality experiences.

  5. Revision Stage: We make adjustments and refinements based on your feedback to ensure the AR experience aligns perfectly with your brand’s needs.

  6. Publication: Together, we launch the AR experience on the chosen platform, ensuring smooth integration and deployment.

  7. Analytics: You monitor performance metrics using our comprehensive dashboard to assess the impact and reach of the AR experience.

  8. Settlement: Upon successful delivery and operation, we proceed with the financial settlements.

  9. Survey: We join forces for a wrap-up discussion to evaluate the project's success and gather insights for future collaborations.

The Talking Stages of a Custom AR Experience.

It is highly unlikely that your social media team is equipped with the manpower to create custom AR experiences in-house. It is something they should not burden themselves with unless they understand AR/XR.

Therefore, it is best to work with an AR studio to see possibilities and figure out the experiences that can realistically be created.

Discovery Call for AR Experiences

When you contact the AR studio, they might want to know more about your brand and what it does. This helps them settle in for the future and provide you with the best AR solutions for the campaign you have in mind.

A discovery call helps for the same reason and must be headed by a senior who knows the ins and outs of the brand or business. If a discovery call is not possible, then a form can be filled out with the brand’s basic information so that the AR studio can assess room for creating solutions.

Consultation call for augmented reality solutions

Unlike the discovery call, it is impossible to skip the consultation call when it comes to creating AR experiences for your brand.

The consultation call usually takes up to one hour but can be spread over multiple sessions until both parties come to an agreement over what works best.

Contract Stages for the AR Project

Once a consensus is reached, the AR studio will provide a contract with all the terms and conditions for the AR project. This will include:

  1. Cost for the project

  2. Deadline and working days

  3. Deliverables for the said project

  4. Number of revisions provided for the same

  5. Days needed for publication and approvals of the project

  6. Clauses that pinpoint conditions that may affect the project delivery.

The brand should carefully read through these contract terms and then sign the contract. The work on the AR project starts a day after the advance amount is paid (usually 50%).

The Development Phase for the AR Experience

The development phase is where the AR studio starts developing the AR experiences as per the contract given all assets are in place for the same.

This phase can take 14-56 days in case of Social AR projects and up to 3 months in case of WebAR projects.

Developing the AR experience

The AR studio will provide a set number of working days for developing the augmented reality experience.

In this phase, the focus will be on creating, optimizing and integrating assets as per brand guidelines within the AR framework to provide you with the AR experience you desire as part of the contract.

Once done, the AR studio will send a beta testing link where your team can try out the AR experience.

If it’s up to the mark, then it will be sent to the publication stage. If not, then the AR studio will go through revisions.

Revising your AR Experience.

If you are not happy with the custom AR experience, you can request a number of revisions that are set as part of the contract terms.

Once you are happy, the AR studio can move to the publication stage.

Publication Stage for the AR Effect.

The AR effect is then uploaded to the desired platform. This can be on social media apps if it’s Social AR or on a server if it’s a WebAR project.

The time for publication and approval can vary depending on various factors. Once done, you will have an augmented reality experience that is good to be shared with your audience.

Quick tip - make sure to plan the campaign to also include promotions and awareness for the AR campaign itself. This will ensure better coverage for your brand’s AR objectives.

Things to do after your AR campaign is live.

Of course, the first thing to do is make users aware of your AR experience. Once done, it’s time to focus on analytics, metrics and overall project satisfaction.

Analytics for AR experiences.

Social AR effects will have their own dashboards where you can track metrics. You can also combine AR with paid ads to improve reach.

For WebAR projects, you can use a custom dashboard to understand the metrics of your AR project.

Payment settlements.

Invoices are usually cleared at this point and your accounting team will take care of this. Make sure to refer to your contract to avoid being labeled as a defaulter.

Surveys for the Campaign.

It is best to have a collaborative call with the AR studio and your team to discuss the overall success of the project. This can also lead to more opportunities in AR where you can work with the AR studio again.

Unsure if your brand can handle an AR campaign? We are an AR studio that makes your job easy. Feel free to reach out to us for a discovery call and we will assist you!



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