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How can my brand leverage AR to enhance our marketing efforts?

Your brand can improve its marketing efforts with AR using Social AR and WebAR to provide users with augmented reality experiences that help build trust and make buying decisions.

Leveraging AR as a brand

Leveraging augmented reality as a brand can be one of the smartest and cost effective ways to improve your marketing efforts each year.

Bring brand awareness to users with AR

AR can help your brand to reach out to audiences with custom augmented reality experiences that are interactive.

These interactive augmented reality effects can make users feel like they are a part of the story and hold a significant role in the brand’s journey.

User generated content with AR

By 2025, nearly 50% of the Gen Z and Millennials population in India and almost all people who use social/communication apps will be frequent AR users.

Augmented reality can help your brand create campaigns that encourage users to share content created while using the brand’s custom AR effect.

This is known as user generated content (UGC) and once it’s shared by creators, these content pieces can reach a wide range of audiences via temporary posts (24 hour stories) as well as short form video content (Reels on Instagram or Tik Toks).

Product try-ons with augmented reality

98% of Brands agree that AR expands the range of clothing and footwear that customers can ‘try on’ easily.

Users can try cosmetic products, sunglasses, clothing, furniture, etc using augmented reality effects. These AR effects make it possible for users to try your offerings without visiting a physical store.

The right product and fit helps users to build trust around your brand’s initiatives and essentially leads to conversions.

Leveraging AR with social media marketing

Your brand can leverage AR to provide a better social media marketing experience.

There are various ways in which you can improve your brand’s position in the space where your competitors are fighting for market share.

Augmented reality ads

AR ads allow your brand to push ads where the user will try the product in AR before being provided with a CTA to make the purchase.

These augmented reality ads are highly interactive and users tend to spend more time on them compared to traditional marketing formats.

This collaborative effort allows your social media team and the marketing division to plan their campaigns effectively without being disturbed by an added element in AR.

Influencer marketing with AR campaigns

Your current campaign can have an AR activation where influencers actively promote its use. What this leads to is increased usage in the AR effect.

This essentially improves the quality of user generated content since the followers of influencers are deeply invested in the niche.

The user generated content then reaches followers and friends of these users who are also likely to have similar interests.

This trickle down effect allows for marketing that works on multiple levels to bring in sales and conversions.

Custom AR experiences during festivals

Use festive periods to launch AR experiences where the users are likely to have more time and enthusiasm to indulge, try out and share your AR experience.

This leads to a positive representation of your brand during the festive season and can lead to more attention and sales.

If you are looking for custom AR solutions that your brand can leverage, please feel free to reach out to us. We are an XR studio that can help you accomplish your marketing goals using AR all year round.


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