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How can Social AR raise awareness about my products and services?

Social AR can be used within a well thought out marketing campaign to bring awareness about your brand’s products and services.

These augmented reality experiences on social media can be clubbed along with influencer marketing, user generated content and usage incentives to amplify brand positioning.

Social AR for product and service awareness

Social AR plays a similar role to traditional marketing practices where the goal is to bring awareness about a brand’s products and services.

The key differentiating factor here is that these Social AR experiences are interactive and their results depend on how the user interacts with them. This creates room for varied stories and experiences that are unique to the user.

Planning for a successful Social AR campaign is important

It is necessary to plan out a thoughtful Social AR campaign for your brand. It should include the deadline, expected publication date and key objectives along with many other tasks that need to be accomplished within a timeline.

The user needs to feel like they are a part of the story

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher purchase conversion rate, as individuals can better assess them and feel connected with brands.

A key element in success for any Social AR campaign is that the user feels like they are the hero of the story and are essential in the brand’s journey.

Collaborative Social AR with marketing methods

The goal is to bridge the gap between Social AR and traditional marketing practices. Here are some ways your brand can use Social AR to raise awareness about your brand.

User generated content with the help of Social AR

A Social AR experience that encourages users to share their journey using the augmented reality effect with their audiences plays a huge role in bringing more awareness to your brand’s product and services.

Quirky and challenging AR effects simply work great to entice the user to try out, record and share their experience with their friends and followers.

Influencer marketing with Social AR

4 in 5 Consumers agree that AR makes it easier to experience the work of favourite designers - 90% among daily Snapchatters.

Users are more incentivized to try out something when the influencers they follow and support are actively doing the same.

Find the right influencers in your industry and allow them to try out your AR experience and share it on their feed.

This will encourage their followers to also try out the AR effect since the barrier of awkwardness is removed.

Incentive based Social AR usage

Encourage your users to try out an AR effect and also share it on their social media accounts. This can be done with prizes, discounts and access to specific events.

Incentives for using Social AR go a long way in increasing reach and awareness for your brand.

This is not limited to physical products either. You can provide in game currencies for mobile games, free trials to your SaaS product and discounts for in app purchases.

Use Social AR to encourage community engagement

Use festive periods and days associated with your brand’s niche to promote Social AR campaigns that will bring your brand in focus. A well thought out and respectful campaign will help with reach and engagement while also being covered by the local media and community.

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to activate AR for your brand. We are an XR studio assisting brands with Social AR campaigns that bring awareness to their products.


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